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Project Scope: Create Olympiacos BC Players NFTs

The NFT card format will be a combination of trading basketball card and player infographic.

(Career Card Example)

Red Point Guard is an independent community and fan base that focuses on Olympiacos BC. Our passion is to study and analyze Olympiacos BC team and player performance. In fact some of us we do that for more than 30 years. (Don’t ask why, we just do it). 😳 This cumulative “experience” and the interaction with other “students of the game” led us to this peculiar “expertise”.

Which is: to analyze player’s contribution to Olympiacos through a combination of qualitative and quantitative metrics. We use stats, self observation and scouting analysis in order to generate a 360o player’s assessment. We do that primarily to serve ourselves since such a content is not available out there. As a friend of ours says “By fans for the fans”.

After all those years and dozens of player scouting reports and post game analyses we feel that our assessments are in principle fair and objective. This claim is supported from the thousands of Red Point Guard’s followers (a fact that is giving us the best testimony) and we feel grateful for their support and love.

Our objective with this project: is to create a record per player that would describe his Career or Season performance in our beloved club. Moreover, we want these records to be registered through blockchain technology and remain into the digital space as a well structured “memory” + “opinion” for the next generations. Our unconditional love for Olympiacos is the main driver for this ambitious and enormous effort.

Card collection will be divided into 2 categories

1) Career Cards: Only retired players – and will assess player’s entire career at Olympiacos
2) Season Cards: Assessment of a player’s performance in one Season. All Players per Season
(Note: If player had only one season with club then Career Card = Season Card)

Each card comes with a unique Serial Number and NFT ID.

Red Legends NFTs are unique because no two NFTs are the same. The metadata of each NFT is an unalterable record that gives it the certificate of authenticity.

How to check each card for authenticity:

  1. Scan the QR Code attached to it.
  2. Note the NFT ID (in OpenSea) and Card Serial number (in QR Code).
  3. Then visit and x-check the 2 numbers in the Player Catalog.
  4. If they match congratulations you have found an authentic Red Legends NFT Card.

Each card (Career or Season) is not only unique due to NFT ID and SN but also visually in terms of colors, and picture. For example Spanoulis career card will be issued in only 12 copies. And each of the 12 cards will be with a different color combination. Therefore every card is unique in terms of scarcity, NFT ID, Serial Number and color combination.

We hope that having one or many authentic Red Legend NFT Cards out of the limited number of cards that will be issued FOR FREE will mean something to you if you consider yourself “red in heart” like we do.

The Red Legends NFT cards will not be sold from Red Point Guard but will be transferred as a giveaway through OpenSea open market to:

  • RPG members
  • Community Members
  • Page followers
  • Others that contribute to the content and support our webpage

For non RPG Members the giveaways will be done through various events from our social media accounts. Therefore, If you are not following Red Point Guard make sure you do it now in Twitter , Facebook and Instagram and of course in OpenSea.

Very important note: As you probably already know Red Point Guard is ad and subscription free web page. So far we do what we do – because we love it and we personally fund all activity. However this NFT project might generate some profit for others that will be selling our giveaways in the NFT market. Therefore moving forward and to support our webpage operating costs we will be keeping a 10% royalty from any future transaction that Red Legends NFT owners will perform – if the owner decides to sell it. This action will be managed automatically from OpenSea.

At the same time for all those that have no interest to engage into exchanging or trading activity they can always download a free copy of the various Cards in a PNG format from our collection in OpenSea.

We commit that through time we will be able to offer a complete collection of ALL PLAYERS that played with the red and white colors of our beloved club and we will offer the opportunity to NFT and sports trading cards collectors to pursue a hobby for many many years. Having said that we acknowledge this will be a multi year effort but we are committed to the “cause”.


Project Roadmap

Authentic card volume: as of (02/02/2022):

Career Cards = 311, Season Cards = 860

Collection Volume (ie. Authentic Cards x copies per card):

Career Cards = 7888, Season Cards = 11562

Please also note: The cards current volume cover the period (1947-2021). More Season and Career cards will be added in the future for players that will be playing in years 2021 onwards. For years before 1947 we have limited information but we are researching for game archives and newspaper articles of the time. 

Our Plan

7/7/22: Project lunch with a selection of 7 cards

From Aug 2022 and on a monthly basis issue 4-8 NEW Cards (Career or Season)

In parallel – new copies of the already registered cards will be added on weekly basis.

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